Expertise in tool and die making

Gebr. Wasserloos GmbH manufactures both tools and parts for the automotive industry. Customers include metalworking companies for steel and aluminum, systems suppliers and of course automotive OEMs themselves.

Exterior components such as trims with high-gloss surfaces represent a particular challenge in automotive engineering. Gebr. Wasserloos GmbH possesses extensive expertise in this type of manufacturing technology, in which precision and accuracy are key.

Vehicle window trims, aluminum A-pillar trims and large metallic trims – these are some examples of the varied dimensions required for vehicle body shell design.

Expertise in small-batch production

We provide manufacturing solutions for complex assemblies with numerous individual parts and surfaces that require a range of tools to produce, such as car front-ends.

Gebr. Wasserloos GmbH also manufactures in house: For vehicles of the highest premium segment that are only manufactured in small numbers, we cover the entire process chain internally.

If requested, we deliver “just in time” directly to the relevant production units in an automotive factory, and always “right on time”.

Because the experts in Velbert know: Only with the highest level of precision right down to the smallest steps can a process as complex as the construction of a car be carried out successfully.

Expertise in prototype construction

Gebr. Wasserloos GmbH turns design into innovation. In other words, the experts at Wasserloos take customers’ ideas and transform them into visible, tangible prototypes and models.

This lays the foundation for subsequent series production and tests performed under real conditions.

Complexity and process reliability

The transfer devices and progressive devices made at Gebr. Wasserloos GmbH are available in dimensions up to around 236 inches in length and 88,185 lbs in weight.

Cutting dies for structural and body shell components are classics, while impact extrusion dies are an example of a special application.

A particular specialty of ours is creating highly complex tools that combine numerous processing steps.

Before they are shipped, these tools are made ready for series production in our own factory on an 1,763,698 lbs press with a table area of 196.8 x 98,4 inches

The company places a lot of importance on process reliability. Our tools ensure consistent quality of the products they manufacture – over their entire service life.